What is it about life in remote or isolated area’s? Close to nature, deafening silence and all the space and time of the world. And yet, most people leave. Villages and settlements, often no bigger than a handful of houses, are close communities. Basic facilities, like schooling, health care and groceries, are often hard to get access to. You must be a special breed, to want to live in the middle of nowhere.


For Where they belong, photographer Marijke Stroucken will be visiting remote and isolated regions, in search of the stories of the empty land and the people living there.

Where do they live? Why do they stay, when others choose to leave? How do they organize their lives and cope with social and environmental issues, related to isolated life?


Each area is approached from three perspectives:

  1. the beauty of the land
  2. the personal stories of the people living here
  3. the issues people have to deal with in this area

© 2018

photography, marijke stroucken

design, anton spruit